HD Video with 5.1 surround sound, 19 min

I went on a three-month walk, following a childhood memory of an echo in the Alps, which as I remembered took at least four seconds before returning the calling voice.

I walked from the Valley of Passei, north of Meran, through the mountains of the Texel Group into the south of the Ötztal Mountains along the massive glaciers into the Zillertal Alps and Pfunder Mountains, crossing the ridge several times before arriving in East Tyrol near Prägraten. From there the echoes’ call lead me back into Italy near Auronzo in the Sextner Dolomites. Echoes directed the course of my walk.

I never found the specific echo from my childhood memory. However, during the three-month walk I found twenty two echo locations. Each had its own very individual „sound image“ resulting from the specific space, atmosphere and my reaction and call into it. The echo stayed in the air like a blue print of the landscape.The unfamiliar solitude and physical strain from walking in this overwhelming capacious space made all prepared text for echo calls appear irrelevant. Much further I felt encouraged to fill and survey the landscape’s distance and structure simply with my voice and its echo.

The scenes for Antlitz were filmed in the Dolomites, at the end of my three- month walk.

Produced with the generouse support from:
Jason Martin and The Grant for Female Film and Video Artists, Berlin Senate Chancellery - Cultural Affairs

Installation view at S.P.A.M Contemporary, Düsseldorf

Link to the film: Antlitz

Installation view Installation view Installation view Installation view Installation view Installation view